Thursday, September 2, 2010

Biatch Fight at the weekend ! Houpisonfire/Hunnigall

Well this weekend has not been good to these 2 elites :O
Well lets get to the point Ruth/Houpisonfire and Alice/Hunnigall
Were at a nightclub like all wild girls would be on a weekend !
But then after the party things got Nastyyy !!!

Alice heard somewhere that Ruth called her a skanky Biotch :O
We do not know if this is true !
But after everything ended outside the fun begun !
Alice grabbed Ruth's hair and punched her right in the eye !
Shows what a few shots of vodka can do to a girl !
Ruth of course fought back but Tyler/Tylerisbold pulled Alice away !

Then the pair left !
It is unclear if the pair has made up but it its sure they wont be going to the same nightclubs
no more !


  1. Ruth an elite? Please, don't make me laugh.

  2. Shes not ? oops

    Well its done and it was hard to make the black eye good i will have better info next time ! :)

  3. I thought everyone knew Ruth seems not i wont use her again :)

  4. lolita, do you think ruth isn't elite?

  5. Ruth could be one is she wanted, but she doesn't want any attention, like some bi**hes -.- P.S. Lolita what do You have against Ruth? :S

  6. Lolita doesn't have anything against Ruth, maybe she is just stating that she is not elite?

  7. @Lolita, Sorry?!?! I really think you aren't right. Maybe FOR YOU Ruth isn't an elite but for a lot of peoples IS! and you wanna say Alice is better than Ruth?!? OH don't make ME laugh! Take a look at Ruth's outfits and at Alice's outfits!?!? OMG! And maybe is better to look at you.. i wanna say that you decided to leave stardoll then you came back! when you can decide? ... @p.forneus: WTF?!?! Bitch?! who's talkin about :-j Oh go on!