Saturday, April 9, 2011

Plastic Fantastic ?

Perezstargossip has reportedly gone under the knife again !
She was spotted going into the Plastic Surgeons office today with her best friend Dan/
SaltyDan. We approached Perez and asked her why she kept coming back for more ?
She simply told us that '' Plastic Surgery makes me feel beautiful''
Well that's fair enough, and we here at Elite Tabloid think she looks spectacular.

Today she only got two things done. Her lips, and her nose.
She has had many plastic surgery's over the years, and we expect that there is
still more to come. But remember Perez too much of something is bad for you.

That's all folks !

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bluegreen86's new Look !

What do you think of Bluegreen86's new look ? I loved her previous look as it was so different from other user's !
Her doll's face looks good now too , but the lips . . . I'm not crazy about ! Her outfit though , is stunning and what makes it even better , it is made from interior items !
Here's a picture :


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Miss_Lolitaf and Emorox4eva Sisters ???

Today the Elite Tabloid found something HUGE out.
Our sources say that Jenna/Emorox4eva and Lolita/Miss_Lolitaf are actually sisters.
This secret has been under wraps for months now and only closest friends of theirs had known.
We are not really sure what made them take DNA tests to find out if they were related or not.
But for their sakes we are so glad they did !
They have both not gone public with it yet but for just us exclusively they had given a copy of
a photo of them as baby's that they mysteriously got mailed to them.

We don't know why they were separated as children or anything yet.
But we will keep yous updated !
What do yous think ?

Jenna Lolita

Friday, December 3, 2010

BYSFashion Line made by 2 elites

Today i found out that 2 stardoll members created a new Fashion Line.
The fashion line has not yet been released but they did make a blog about it.
Their fashion line is called
BYS Fashion Line
Which stands for Be Your Self
I think this will be a huge success as these two individuals have such unique styles
and when they collaborate they will make something truly special.

The owners are Blahm3 and Tonia.ftw
The link will be posted below they are also hieing models.
Good luck to them.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Manolo.DiCicco GONE ?

Where is Manolo ???
Manolo hasn't been on stardoll for 2 weeks now ?
This is weird there is no explanation why or anything on his presentation.
Very weird real life issues ? Sick of all the stardoll drama ?
Or just grown out of stardoll ?

I will be keeping my eye out for him to see if her returns hopefully he will.
If anyone has any info why hes gone put it in comments !


Springate *FAKE* or real ?

Springate one of stardoll's elites has announced He's leaving stardoll forever..
Somehow i really find it hard to believe ?
After all we all know elites have a habit of going and coming back.
And lets face it most the of the time its for attention DuH DuH what else can they do when they know they are slipping away from the *limelight*..
Maybe he's not going to come back in a few days like many others did maybe her will hold
it out for a couple of months ?
Well all know stardoll is an obsessive game !!!


Sorry for not posting much i am gonna post some reall gossip now and also some cool story's too ! Please follow i can't believe we have 45 already.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jenna/Emorox4eva Hired ?

Has signed a modeling contract with MelsModels
For 3 years !
This is amazing for Jenna she will be featured even more than she does now !
She has got a new look a new wardrobe everything looks like shes not going to stop any time
soon !
Can't wait to see what she does !


Sorry for the lack of posts this will change soon !