Thursday, November 25, 2010

Manolo.DiCicco GONE ?

Where is Manolo ???
Manolo hasn't been on stardoll for 2 weeks now ?
This is weird there is no explanation why or anything on his presentation.
Very weird real life issues ? Sick of all the stardoll drama ?
Or just grown out of stardoll ?

I will be keeping my eye out for him to see if her returns hopefully he will.
If anyone has any info why hes gone put it in comments !


Springate *FAKE* or real ?

Springate one of stardoll's elites has announced He's leaving stardoll forever..
Somehow i really find it hard to believe ?
After all we all know elites have a habit of going and coming back.
And lets face it most the of the time its for attention DuH DuH what else can they do when they know they are slipping away from the *limelight*..
Maybe he's not going to come back in a few days like many others did maybe her will hold
it out for a couple of months ?
Well all know stardoll is an obsessive game !!!


Sorry for not posting much i am gonna post some reall gossip now and also some cool story's too ! Please follow i can't believe we have 45 already.