Friday, December 3, 2010

BYSFashion Line made by 2 elites

Today i found out that 2 stardoll members created a new Fashion Line.
The fashion line has not yet been released but they did make a blog about it.
Their fashion line is called
BYS Fashion Line
Which stands for Be Your Self
I think this will be a huge success as these two individuals have such unique styles
and when they collaborate they will make something truly special.

The owners are Blahm3 and Tonia.ftw
The link will be posted below they are also hieing models.
Good luck to them.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Manolo.DiCicco GONE ?

Where is Manolo ???
Manolo hasn't been on stardoll for 2 weeks now ?
This is weird there is no explanation why or anything on his presentation.
Very weird real life issues ? Sick of all the stardoll drama ?
Or just grown out of stardoll ?

I will be keeping my eye out for him to see if her returns hopefully he will.
If anyone has any info why hes gone put it in comments !


Springate *FAKE* or real ?

Springate one of stardoll's elites has announced He's leaving stardoll forever..
Somehow i really find it hard to believe ?
After all we all know elites have a habit of going and coming back.
And lets face it most the of the time its for attention DuH DuH what else can they do when they know they are slipping away from the *limelight*..
Maybe he's not going to come back in a few days like many others did maybe her will hold
it out for a couple of months ?
Well all know stardoll is an obsessive game !!!


Sorry for not posting much i am gonna post some reall gossip now and also some cool story's too ! Please follow i can't believe we have 45 already.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jenna/Emorox4eva Hired ?

Has signed a modeling contract with MelsModels
For 3 years !
This is amazing for Jenna she will be featured even more than she does now !
She has got a new look a new wardrobe everything looks like shes not going to stop any time
soon !
Can't wait to see what she does !


Sorry for the lack of posts this will change soon !

Monday, September 6, 2010

Manolo.DiCicco/Manolo turns EMO/GOTH ?

Manolo.DiCicco/Manolo was spotted by our media team as an Emo or Goth ?
The king of fashion also owner of Dioguardi group has gone too far ?
Come on this look would not suit anyone ?
Whats up with all the makeup ?
Seriously not the best look Manolo had so far in his career !
We don't know but could this end his fashion career ?
This has really gone down bad with the press and public
so we will see if he changes back to his old self ?
But that's just too weird huh ? :O

Sunday, September 5, 2010



Petra (Shakira_Avril) was Petrified when police came and raided her home, in Tennessee.
She was later found hiding under her bed with a crate of beer and a dirty blanket.
Petra asked why she was being arrested. She was so hungover she had no memory
of what happened the previous night.
Police told her that she was drunk, running around Farmer Park, shooting people to the floor.
She was throwing bottles of alcohol at the police as they tried to arrest her, but they failed as she
was kicking, screaming and eventually ran away from the scene. 14 people died that day in Farmer park,
6 were seriously injured, and in an fatal condition at the nearest hospital.
Petra was finally arrested, and will be serving 16 months in jail, starting on the 5th of September.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Miss_Lolitaf MISSING !

The terrible news doesn't end :O

Lolita's/Miss_LolitaF's publicists today released a statement saying that Lolita is missing :O
And she has been for a few days now !
Police are ongoing an investigation to find Lolita dead or alive.
This is shocking news which have shocked many of Lolita's friends and family members

Lolita's family are giving away a reward of 500,000$ for any information about Lolita's whereabouts !
We are not sure what is happening !
We are not sure if Lolita is dead or alive
Currently police have no witnesses or suspects
The whereabouts of Lolita are not known
We will keep you updated about this tragic story !


One of my dearest friends, Conii987, was kidnapped on thursday. She has been found and brought back to her Las Vegas hotel on Saturday, where she is coping with shock. This is me and coco before she was kidnapped-

As you can see, healthy as ever. She was her usually glowing self, perfect hair, perfect smile.
Until that evening. She was in her bedroom, writing in her diary, she recalls. Suddenly she hears a knock on the front door. she comes downstairs in her dressing gown and head towel, she had just had a shower. She had slipped out of her heels and into some slippers. She opened the door. 

The person was holding a huge fabric bag with a zip at the top. He bagged Conii987, and zipped the bag up. He threw her into the back of a Mercedes Benz and drove off into the night. The next day she claims that he took her out of the boot, after an entire night of driving, and put her down on the ground. He then got out a hammer and banged her body, whilst she was still in the bag. the bag soon became drenched with her blood. She broke 4 fingers, her left arm, her left leg and had multiple bruises. 

Then once he took her out of the bag, he punched and kicked her. She had many cuts and painful areas on her body. She was starved for 5 hours, before being thrown into the street, left to die. Luckily, police found her and rushed her to the hospital. 

She was in care for a whole day, put in three casts, and was put on a drip, fed, and was treated for her wounds. The hospital took a photograph of her right after the attack-

That usually bright, smiling, happy face was replaced by an unhappy, bruised and painful looking face. You can see her black eye, bloody lip and bruises on both of her cheeks. Her hair is dirty and unkempt. Luckily she is now at her amazing Las Vegas Hotel Suite, being cared for, and seeing a therapist to get over her shock.

There was a gathering outside the hotel for Coco, and numerous paparazzi were trying to charge through the doors and one paparazzi climbed up the side of the hotel to her window, climbed in and flashed some pictures. She was screaming 'please, no pictures'. Then the pap was dragged by security out of the hotel and prosecuted for entering without permission, and breaking a vase by tripping over it. Therefore, the charge was breaking and entering. Or in this case, entering and then breaking.

Coco is recovering very well. I have been to her suite for most of the day, every single day and I am currently reporting from her room. She says 'I am very shocked and traumatized about the kidnapping, and I couldn't have been unhappier then I was then, but I'm surviving, and with my friends here to help me through this terrible moment, I am going to be ok'.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Petra/Shakira_Avril Shop Lifter ?

Something crazy happened today :O
Petra/Shakira_Avril was caught shoplifting !!!
This is something non of us believed that Petra would ever do ?
But we do not really know why ?
Cash problems ? Maybe she likes it ? or maybe even attention ?
We think its not attention because she gets it even if she doesn't do things like this ?
So maybe she has some money problems ?
We saw Petra getting dragged out the store by security and outside Petra looked
Humiliated with all the people staring at her !
Hopefully this was a one of and Petra wont do it again but who knows ?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Biatch Fight at the weekend ! Houpisonfire/Hunnigall

Well this weekend has not been good to these 2 elites :O
Well lets get to the point Ruth/Houpisonfire and Alice/Hunnigall
Were at a nightclub like all wild girls would be on a weekend !
But then after the party things got Nastyyy !!!

Alice heard somewhere that Ruth called her a skanky Biotch :O
We do not know if this is true !
But after everything ended outside the fun begun !
Alice grabbed Ruth's hair and punched her right in the eye !
Shows what a few shots of vodka can do to a girl !
Ruth of course fought back but Tyler/Tylerisbold pulled Alice away !

Then the pair left !
It is unclear if the pair has made up but it its sure they wont be going to the same nightclubs
no more !

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

N1mka4eva Having a crazy moment ?

Well well well..
Looks like someone had a crazy moment :O
Charlotte/N1mka4eva was spotted at the beach topless :O
All she had on is a pair of panties and tights !
We had to hide away the wobbly bits for Charlotte's sake but we all think we will
have to watch out for Charlotte's crazy streak what can we expect next ? :O

What do you think about this ? weird or what
We tried talking to her but the fashionista had no response !

Click the image to take a better look :O

Welcome !

Hey i am Matty aka --matty--
I made this blog because i want to try to make something new and fresh on stardoll !
I am still doing the backround and stuff but just hold on and wait
for the gossip to begin !!!